Wasted Space: 5 Best Ways to Repurpose Your Crawl Space



No one likes wasted space in their homes. Most of us in the Seattle area pay dearly for each square foot of our houses, and so have an understandable and practical desire to make good use of everything we’ve paid for.

However, the crawl space is, as always, frequently overlooked. Before utilizing your crawlspace make sure to take care of pest rodent control.

Repurposing Option #1: Storage Space

If a homeowner is struck with an idea for how to use a crawl space, storage is usually the first idea that they come up with. Storage space is notoriously hard to come by, and wanting a place to shove those plastic bins of Christmas items and seasonal clothing is natural. However,  couldn’t we take that storage space to a whole new level?

Best Ways To Increase Storage Efficiency:
  • Install shelving—Shelves allow for a new level of organization. Not only is everything easily accessed, it’s lifted up off of the ground in case the heavy spring rains leak into your crawl space. Canned goods, craft supplies, rarely used cooking utensils, extra hardware for appliances in the home, and even tool bags can all be tucked nicely into their allotted spaces.

  • Hooks—hang the garden hose and extra long extension cords from hooks hung from the walls or ceiling of the crawl space.

  • Store awkward items—is the wet spring weather dampening your desire to go biking? Or perhaps you need a place to put your snowboarding gear? Are your kayaks taking up a whole corner of your garage? These large awkward items eat space that could be used for other things—like parking your car inside instead.

Repurposing Option #2: Pets Hideaway

Pet’s can take up a lot of room. Space to play, space for the litter box, and areas to run around in are important for any pet-loving family to have. A creative way to increase the play space for your pets is to allow them access to your crawl space.

Best Ways To Make Your Crawl Space Pet-Friendly:
  • Move your kitty litter box downstairs! Litter boxes and their accompanying odors are an unpleasant, necessary evil in the joy of having cats. Install a cat or doggy door to the crawl space and allow them to do their business in an out of the way area. This also frees up a ton of space in your utility room or bathroom.

  • Install a doggy door and some dog friendly steps and turn this area into a room for your pooches to play. Make sure that the insulation is safely out of the way of doggy teeth, however. Throw a couple of dog beds and dog toys down and let your pets claim this area of the home as their own personal getaway.

  • Crawl spaces that are still only dirt floors should not allow this use of the space for pets! Crawl spaces with solid cement floor or solid metal sheeted vapor barriers with cheap carpeting or other flooring installed over them are the best for pets. Pets may view dirt or thin plastic barriers as a place to go the bathroom or dig. Pet messes are smelly, and, if left unchecked, will affect the smell and air quality of the whole home.

Repurposing Option #3: Workshop/Craft Space

Gardeners and handymen know that there is never enough space to contain all their accoutrements for their hobby or trade. Turning your crawl space into a garden or tool shed is an excellent way to prevent the need to purchase a separate garden shed, leaving more yard space available for garden plots or lawn.

Tips to Take Your Hobbies Inside:
  • Install shelves and storage bins into your cleaned crawl space. Place boxes or bins on these shelves and sort out those tools! Label sections of the shelves to help keep yourself and other family members tidy.

  • If you’re a gardener that loves growing your own seedlings, this can be a perfect place to start them! Place a table beneath grow lights and let your seeds begin growth sooner, allowing your plants to produce blooms and veggies earlier in the season.

  • If space allows, place a well-lit work bench in this new hobby space as well. All those cold weather or rainy days won’t require you to work out in the elements anymore!

Repurposing Option #4: Children’s Play Space

If you have a larger crawl space that has a clean and dry cement floor, why not let the kids take over? Children love hideaway hangouts, and a crawl space with about four feet of clearance is just their size!

How to Create a Child’s Crawl Space Nook:
  • Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that this space is entirely safe for children. Is your home in a high risk zone for flooding? Is the area free from mold and mildew? Are all holes that could allow rodents or snakes into the crawl space securely plugged up?

  • Now that it’s safe, get creative. If you’re a handyman or have a little bit of cash to spare, build an actual playroom with tiled, wood, or carpeted floors and painted walls. Run down some electricity and or purchase battery operated lights.

  • Bean bags, tea tables, doll houses, and even an Xbox can find new homes in this childhood haven of fun! Whatever your kids want to bring down to their new play area frees up space in the living room and bedrooms.

Repurposing Option #5: Home Office

It’s time to take work to a whole new level…of your house! Individuals that want to work at home, but don’t have a designated office space can feel cluttered and unable to work at a dining room table or countertop. Instead of paying exorbitant rent for office space somewhere else, turn a space that you’re already paying for into a work-from-home-nook. You can even write off the costs for materials and building on your taxes!

How to Create a Home Work Space in Your Crawl Space:
  • You’re going to be spending long hours down here, so put in the cash to make it cozy. Install carpet over the cement floor, cover and paint the walls, and install lights and outlets. This place should be warm, cozy, and just what you need to inspire your work ethic.

  • If your crawl space ceiling is low, never fear. As long as you have enough room to sit upright at a desk without knocking your head on the ceiling above, you have all the space you need. Make sure that the door allows you to easily enter and exit the space as well.

  • Bring down your desk, your work chair, and your computer or tools needed for a full work day. If you feel especially inspired, an espresso maker or hot water pot for tea can also lend a touch of home and inspiration.

Before Your Creative Repurposing Begins There’s Something Important To Do

Clean your crawl space. If this area is going to be a useful and well-loved area of your home, you’ll need to ensure that it is safely cleaned, insulated, and has a working vapor barrier to keep this space safe and snug. In addition, a crawl space professional should examine your current space to advise whether or not your desired repurposing project is plausible.

If you’re feeling inspired to repurpose this wasted space, call us now for a quote on the cost of a full crawl space cleaning and inspection so we can help you make your crawl space spectacular!

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